Augmented reality app to configure livecookintable® cooking furniture in real size

Posted on Sep 14, 2018


German-based company ME2, creator of livecookintable®, brand of modular and portable cooking furniture, has developed an Augmented Reality app as an added sales tool to visualise their cooking equipment in a restaurant or hotel room.

This new innovative tool will help designers and consultants to show end-users (hotels, contract caterers, stadia, etc) to choose the right livecookintable® elements that suit their requirements.

Using the app and a printed tracker placed on the floor, customers are able to configure the equipment of their choice and see it rendered in the room with the real proportions (size 1:1).


The app allows you to customise the equipment: choose the system set, interchange the cooking elements, add an airwall, including the buffet blinds in a choice of colours and even more, all helping customers to decide which livecookintable® setup will work best for their venue.

Designers are able to save each configuration onto their tablet becoming a useful tool in the equipment configuration process. A configuration using a white room is also available, which is also a useful tool for operators to configure a set-up for their functions.

Available for IOS and Android devices, ideally tablet users.

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