Clifton revolutionises front-of-house cooking

Posted on Nov 09, 2018

Our British brand Clifton Food Range® has revealed a unique cooking module that fits in livecookintable®. cooking furniture. This new cooking module is ideal for sous-vide and low-temperature cooking for front-of-house.


Following the increased demand for theatre cooking solutions, this new system could revolutionise how food is prepared and served to many guests at a time in a front-of-house set-up. It is known that sous-vide cooking allows advanced preparation of food items that are then ready to regenerate to order while keeping their optimum texture and flavours.

Chefs can therefore finish the cooking process with the livecookintable® system (various cooking equipment including induction, grill, wok…) or directly serve food from the water bath, right in front of the guests.

This is a great solution to operators wanting to save time and energy during service while offering a touch of theatre cooking to their guests.

The cooking module for sous-vide cooking is designed to be easily slotted into a livecookintable® unit. It includes the Clifton Food Range® Portable Immersion Circulator that is fitted onto a 1/1 gastronorm tank 200mm deep plus lid. It creates a precise temperature controlled environment to 0.05°C. The module is completed with a 2/3 gastronorm tank 150mm deep with an immersion grid to allow vac-packed bags to be opened and drained.

All the elements are easy to set up and pack away once service is completed.


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