de Buyer receives Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment label

Posted on May 23, 2018


De Buyer has become the first and only French company in the culinary sector to receive the “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment label – Confirmed level”.

Our unique selling point is clearly the quality of our materials and a well-thought out design. For us, it is also the respect for the person who manufactures the product and the way in which it is made.” CLAUDE HAUMESSER, CEO de Buyer

A year ago, de Buyer called upon AFNOR, an international reference for labelling, in order to have its CSR level assessed. Today, this assessment has become a major asset for many French companies and a reference point for the ethical consumer. It demonstrates the desire to be transparent about social and environmental practices. De Buyer, a specialist in cooking and pastry utensils, has become the first and only player in the culinary sector to hold a “CSR commitment label – Confirmed level” * after its first assessment.

This recognition emphasises De Buyer’s DNA: to preserve artisanal traditions existing since 1830 whilst also being a visionary company. It also validates the pre-existing actions taken by the company:

  • the quality and durability of the products,
  • an HR policy based on well-being at work,
  • territorial anchorage through investing 7.3 million euros in the last 5 years to create permanent and modern premises (based in the Val d’Ajol region since 1830),
  • an international presence resulting in exports representing 50% of turnover,
  • a circular economy approach with the reintegration of recycled materials in the manufacturing process,
  • installation of its own industrial water treatment plant as an environmental initiative.

Creating a dish from fresh seasonal products, giving priority to local producers and opting for materials produced in France under good conditions are among the criteria that French consumers, who wish to “cook responsibly”, are looking for. De Buyer’s willingness to be assessed is in line with this trend and the aim is to help the general public to go one step further with their choices. De Buyer puts the consumers at the heart of its approach and encourages them to take action with regards to their social and environmental commitments. For example, by buying a Mineral B Element frying pan*:

  • highlights the artisanal expertise and the development of a French company,
  • supports well-being at work for 160 employees,
  • participates in making the rural area appealing,
  • supports environmentally-friendly manufacturing (using beeswax, managing water consumption…)

De Buyer is a French company founded in 1830 which employs 160 people who are passionate about their craft and which recruits, in particular, young talent from the grandes écoles (Côte d’Or, Calvados…).

collage-CSR.jpg It specialises in the design and manufacturing of cooking and pastry utensils for professionals in the catering industry and for individuals. Located in the Vosges region, in Faymont-Val d’Ajol, it is the only factory in the world to use sheet metal, aluminium, coated aluminium, stainless steel, multi-layer stainless steel, copper, carbon fibre and silicone to make products in the same manufacturing facility. The Living Heritage Company label was given in 2009, thanks to the company’s heritage and artisanal and industrial mastery of the materials.

In November 2017, De Buyer started the final phase to renovate and extend its site in order to respond to its growth and development in France and abroad. Phase one was the expansion and modernisation of the site while phase two was the acquisition of the French SME Marlux.

*A 100% natural, patented collection in iron mineral B element, PFTE and PFOA-free, with a beeswax finish in order to protect from oxidation, facilitate seasoning and to improve the non-stick element for the most perishable foods.

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