De Buyer sponsors Barry Johnson, UK and Ireland finalist pastry chef for the Cacao Barry World Chocolate Masters

Posted on Oct 23, 2018

Pastry utensils manufacturer de Buyer sponsors UK pastry chef and chocolatier Barry Johnson who will be representing the UK and Ireland at the World Chocolate Masters Final, the biggest chocolate competition in the world, in Paris on 31st October.


The British pastry chef approached de Buyer after winning the UK and Ireland qualifying selection and asked the French manufacturer to design a bespoke mould for the competition. De Buyer regularly supports top-level chefs to create customised equipment for competitions so their R&D department worked closely with Barry Johnson to create the mould that he had in mind for the ‘gateau de voyage’ (travel cake), one of the desserts required for the World Chocolate Masters competition. The result of this unique creation will be revealed during the final.

De Buyer also sponsored Barry Johnson with standard pastry and cookware equipment (baking trays, one-piece spatulas, whisks, Affinity sauce pans, stainless steel ladles and nozzles, etc…) that he will use throughout the competition.

De Buyer is already a sponsor of the Association of Pastry Chefs and Claire Clark Academy so sponsoring Barry Johnson for such a major international competition continues de Buyer’s brand commitment to this market sector.

Signature FSE supports de Buyer for food service in the UK.

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