Visit to de Buyer and Marlux factories

Posted on Oct 02, 2018

Our team at Signature was invited to France to attend the de Buyer’s Ambassadors annual meeting that took place in the company’s factory, in the Vosges mountain region of France.


The French company has modernised and expanded its facilities over the last few years so this was a great opportunity to see the renovated showroom, the new factory building and the Marlux workshop.


The de Buyer and Marlux showroom is situated at the top floor of the building with a gorgeous view over the mountains and forest. As a visitor you’d be amazed to know that all product references are in the showroom, which shows the breadth of the product ranges from both brands.


We visited the new Marlux workshop that was set up after the acquisition of the salt and pepper mill brand. Modern machinery is used throughout the process but each mill is manually checked and the elements are assembled by hand so that every mill meets the highest quality standard.


Then we headed to the de Buyer factory and observed the thorough process involved in polishing the copper pans from the Prima Matera or Ino Cuivre ranges.


De Buyer demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and respect for their local environment. One part of the factory is used to filter water from the factory in order to re-use it. All their efforts paid off as they became this year the first and only French company in the culinary sector to receive the “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment label – Confirmed level” awarded by standardisation-body AFNOR.


As part of the company’s heritage, traditional machines are still used in the manufacturing process to work with different metals for products such as frypans and mandolines.


The Ambassadors Meeting, gathering representatives for the de Buyer and Marlux from across Europe, ended with a meal prepared by in-house chef Philippe Laruelle in the company’s demonstration kitchen equipped with induction hobs. Chef Laruelle cooked sweetbreads in de Buyer’s steel pans and rhubarb tarts were baked using de Buyer’s oval perforated tart rings, guaranteeing a crispy crust. A great finish to a successful visit.


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