Gastros 130+ Undercounter for hot holding in luxury hotel

Posted on Apr 17, 2021

Location: Crown Plaza hotel, Zurich (Switzerland)

Product: InductWarm 130+ undercounter by Gastros

The 4-star hotel Crowne Plaza Zurich has 365 rooms and is located in the Zurich West district.

The luxury hotel contacted Gastros as the operators wanted to change their buffet counter. For their daily breakfast buffet, they were originally using chafing dishes to keep food warm but they wanted to move away from this traditional set-up and upgrade to a modern, clean, elegant look that matched their interior design. The Gastros team worked closely with the Crowne Plaza team to define the ideal concept for the hotel’s counter.

The Crowne Plaza opted for 10 Undercounter InductWarm 130+ units for its hot holding solutions – they allow the hotel to keep their breakfast food warm, such as mushrooms, scrambled eggs, bacon, traditional Swiss Röschti (fried grated potatoes) and much more.

The invisible induction buffet units were then built into a fabricated counter. The surface used for the counter is made from an artificial stone using a material called “Laminam”, a very strong material highly resistant to scratching and abrasion.

The invisible units are very easy to use as they are operated by external control panels hidden in the plate shelf – this solution is easy for the staff to handle but invisible for the guests. Four pre-set power levels are available; they can be selected depending on the holding temperature required for the food served on each unit.

The fact that the InductWarm by Gastros induction technology is invisible means that the counter accommodates induction-compatible chafing dishes, giving the whole buffet counter a modern and clean and elegant look that matches with their interior design.

Replacing traditional chafing dishes with InductWarm by Gastros invisible induction technology means that the hotel now benefits from:

  • higher energy efficiency (due to all heat going into the display dish, not into the surrounding environment)

  • increased safety (no naked flame so reduced risk of burning and the heat is only transferred to the dish, not the surroundings)

  • cost efficiency (no on-going consumable costs and low energy requirements)

  • higher food quality (due to improved temperature control).

A successful installation by our brand Gastros that made a clear difference in this hotel’s operations.

Read the full case study with testimonial from the hotel's General Manager in this article published in Catering Insight.

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