Gastros InductWarm® 130+ undercounter solution at Zurich hotel

Posted on Apr 18, 2021

Location: Hotel in Zurich, Switzerland

Product: Gastros Switzerland InductWarm® 130+

A hotel in Zurich was looking to upgrade their open restaurant kitchen with a flexible solution allowing them to serve 100 seats and offer a buffet service for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hotel has 347 rooms and the venue is able to cater for up to 800 people.

Gastros Switzerland worked with a local distributor to offer a solution to the hotel that was both hidden, as the kitchen was open, and efficient at holding the food at the right temperature throughout service. The equipment from Gastros for the hotel was for the installation of six InductWarm® 130+ undercounter induction plus control units, cabling and mounting kit.

The InductWarm® 130+ is an undercounter induction system that can be mounted directly under stone (artificial), glass or even wood. The induction field penetrates the cover material and warms the dish base keeping food warm while the unit surface remains at ambient temperature.

Once the installation was completed, Gastros briefed the restaurant staff on how the devices work to optimize their use.

The hotel was pleased with the installation of the Gastros InductWarm® 130+ as the units are very easy to use and clean, allowing for an efficient and swift service. Another advantage is the variety of induction-compatible dishes that work with the 130+ including steel cookware and cast-iron Chasseur cocottes, great for a buffet service.

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