livecookintable® at the Grosvenor House hotel

Posted on Aug 06, 2021

Location: Grosvenor House hotel, London

Product: livecookintable® front-of-house cooking furniture

Front-of-house cooking in luxury hotels has become increasingly popular: guests enjoy the theatre aspect as well as the freshness of the food prepared and interaction with the chef. 

The issues most hotels face is the smoke and grease created when cooking as well as the industrial and bulky look of most cooking equipment, which doesn’t match their luxury style. It is also important to have a solution that is flexible so it can be used for a wide variety of functions and in different areas of the hotel.

We worked with the Grosvenor House hotel (London) for two events: one being the Marriott Global General Manager’s Meeting and the other was the Signature Live Cooking Event.

We were able to answer their requirements thanks to livecookintable® cooking furniture:

  • The livecookintable® system has its own airwall which extracts instantly, leaving the venue smoke and grease free. This answers the requirement of many venues for a safe and clean cooking environment.

  • The  most popular cooking element uses induction technology, great for energy saving

  • All equipment can be slotted into in the different-sized table frames freely and flexibly, whether used for frying, boiling, cooling, grilling, warming or cooking with a wok.

  • The livecookintable® system elements are packed away in bags and cases which are easy to move around.

  • The simple design of the livecookintable® table allows it to fit different venue styles. Blinds are also available to cover the front sides.

The Grosvenor House hotel used a Professional 5 table with 2 induction Plus units, each with 2 cooking zones. The airwall was used each time to extract all the smoke and grease.

It is unusual to serve fish and chips cooked front-of-house, but this was possible in the Marriott hotel’s Ballroom thanks to the Multipot element with frying baskets used on the induction hobs. The hotel was therefore able to serve this British classic dish to their guests.

The same livecookintable® system was used to cook seared tuna for lunch and egg dishes for the breakfast service, proving the versatility of this equipment.

During the Signature Live Cooking Event, chef David Davey-Smith cooked in the Court Suite BBQ Lamb Belly which was finished in a cast iron grill pan on the livecookintable® induction unit. The smoke was efficiently extracted by the airwall with minimal noise. Two induction units were used during the chef demonstration and the three other elements were used for preparation and mise-en-place.

Watch this video of the demonstration at the Grosvenor House hotel:

The livecookintable® system provides F&B concepts with live cooking solutions such as:  chefs table, food presentation, buffet and bar concepts and pop-up restaurants that can be realised with little effort, whether permanently installed or in temporary use.

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