The Savoy equipped with Venta modular buffet system

Posted on Apr 18, 2021

Location: The Savoy, London

Product: Venta modular buffet system

The Events and Management team at iconic Central London 5-star hotel, The Savoy, planned a refurbishment for their events, conference and meeting rooms, starting with installing a new carpet and electrical supplies. It was the perfect opportunity to revamp their buffet presentation and move away from the traditional chafing dishes and skirted tables.

One of the main requirements was that the new equipment needed to be easily movable through the many narrow corridors and different levels of the hotel. It was also important for The Savoy’s team that the style of the new system worked with the classic look of hotel, whether the rooms were refurbished or not. Venta’s contemporary style means it fits many different hotel decors.

The Savoy team chose the Venta modular buffet system as it not only answered all their requirements in terms of style, but most importantly, in terms of flexibility as the Venta tables can be easily moved from one room to another or transported and/or stored (in their own trolley system) by easily removing the tabletops allowing for the frame to be dismantled.

Before and after view of the same room - Venta modular buffet system in the 'After' view:

The Savoy selected a wide choice of Venta buffet equipment including induction tables to keep food warm, cool tables, ambient tables and risers. They also wanted equipment to offer an egg station to their guests for their breakfast offer so they acquired the Induction Cook table with 2 induction cooking zones.

They also selected the cocktail tables with LED lights to use in different areas of the hotel; they are ideal for breakout areas and look very stylish with a choice of LED colours to suit the event or conference room.

During the selection process, the hotel team appreciated the extensive choice of finishes available, allowing them to choose the finish matching the style of this 19th century grand hotel while giving it a 21st century modern touch.

When installing the new carpet, the technical teams made sure that the power supplies were installed at the right points to allow connection of the Venta equipment when needed.

"We, at Signature FSE, worked closely with the hotel teams to understand their needs; it was key for us to know the maximum number of pax and typical room layouts in order to recommend the most suitable equipment configuration” comments Paula Sherlock, Managing Director.

The Venta equipment has not only improved the look of our buffet display but it has made our life easier operationally, saving us time in setting up and cleaning down.  The flexibility of the modular system means that a mix of equipment can be used in different conference rooms depending on that days requirements” says Georgi Basoglu, Director of Events Operations.

Whilst you may not naturally think of Venta equipment for a traditional venue such as The Savoy this case study shows that the modernity of Venta equipment design and its flexibility of operation work perfectly well in all types of  venues.  We are delighted to have assisted The Savoy in implementing Venta equipment for their wide variety of events and meetings.

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