Venta and livecookintable® at Aviator

Posted on Apr 17, 2021

Location: Aviator – Farnborough (Hampshire)

Product: Venta modular buffet system + plate warmer and livecookintable® cooking furniture

Aviator hotel was opened in 2008 in Farnborough, Hampshire.

They host corporate events, weddings as well as events for the Farnborough International Airshow.

Both our brands Venta and livecookintable® are used on a daily basis in the hotel.

For their various events, as well as for their daily service (from breakfast to dinner), the hotel regularly offers a buffet for its guests. They previously kept food warm on a buffet induction table, however the style was old-fashioned, not in keeping with the design-led look of the hotel. It was heavy to move around the venue and impractical to operate.

When Food & Beverage Manager Fabrizio Braga discovered Venta’s modular buffet system, it was obvious to him that this was the perfect match for Aviator: first of all, the style of the Venta tables work very well with the overall design of the hotel, meaning that whether the equipment is in use or not, it blends in. The hotel chose to add blinds and a compact top in line with the colours of the hotel. “The tables look good with other materials used in the hotel restaurant such as cast iron and wood, which is an added bonus.”

As the Venta tables have wheels, they are very easy to move around the hotel: from the Brasserie’s breakfast area to the main restaurant and within different floors of the hotel, giving a lot of flexibility to the hotel operation. The Venta induction table is used for hot holding as well as keeping food at an ambient temperature. It is also easy to store, which is ideal as the hotel has limited storage space.

Unlike chafing dishes that incur ongoing consumable costs due to the burning paste used as the heat source, Venta induction tables offer clear savings thanks to the induction technology. As an addition to their Venta equipment, the Hampshire hotel acquired the latest product from the German brand: an integrated plate warmer. The system sits inside a customised Venta table and blends in the hotel’s decor. Venta’s plate warmer is a very useful piece of equipment to ensure food stays warm as long as possible for an optimum guest experience. 

Another brand that Aviator is using is the livecookintable® cooking furniture. The hotel acquired two professional set tables. One table is “used all the time” for breakfast and buffet service, says Fabrizio Braga, “while the other is moved across the hotel to cater for various events”. The livecookintable® now allows the hotel to cook omelettes in front of their guests for breakfast, something they were not able to do beforehand. It is also a great equipment to use for buffet. Aesthetically, the hotel chose to add blinds matching the colour scheme of the venue.

F&B Manager Fabrizio Braga is particularly pleased with the Hot + Chill unit that allows cooking up to 110°C and chilling food from 0°C to 3°C. “It is our top equipment as it’s so easy to swap from one setting to another. We used it during the latest Airshow events creating a fish buffet: we used the Hot + Chill unit to serve oysters, the induction unit to cook scallops in front of the guests and we used the buffet module to serve sushi. This is something we would never have been able to do in the past. This means that we can use the same livecookintable equipment throughout the day for the various services.”

He adds: “livecookintable® gives us great flexibility in our operations and allows us a great turn around between the end of the breakfast service to the start of the lunch service.”

Overall, the team at Aviator is very pleased with the acquisition of the two German brands Venta and livecookintable®. Fabrizio Braga highlighted two things of these brands: “they’re both functional and look like furniture, not equipment”.

He also insisted that “they are two versatile brands as well as durable; after 1.5 years of constant use of the livecookintable®, it still is in good condition.” He added that “Venta and livecookintable® products work well together functionally as well as visually.”

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