Carronde cocottes Range

by Chasseur

The range of cast-iron carronde cocottes is made by French manufacturer Chasseur.

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Carronde cocottes Range Specification

The Chasseur products are made of enamelled cast-iron, which is ideal for grilling, simmering, roasting or simply for re-heating.

Carronde cocottes were designed by designer Jean-Philippe Dargenton and are unique thanks to their unusual shape: square body (and lid) but round base. It is also available in white (interior and exterior).

Natural properties of cast iron

Thanks to the natural heat-retention properties of cast-iron, the range of casseroles distributes heat evenly, for slow cooking and saving energy.

Cast-iron is also known for its strength making it resistant to high temperatures and thermal shocks and therefore very durable.

During the manufacturing process, the Chasseur cast-iron cookware undergo 3 external enamelling application and 2 internal applications to protect the cast-iron and make it particularly health friendly.

Enamel coating provides a non-stick surface that makes cooking easy without food sticking.

 It is compatible with all types of heat sources, including Induction.

Perfect moisture distribution

Chasseur cast iron cococttes, saucepans and serving casseroles feature Chasseur's Self Basting Lid: rings on the inside are designed to retain the steam coming from the food and convert it into natural moisture. This means that the dish remains constantly basted throughout the cooking process.

Sizes and colours

There are two sizes of carrondes cocottes: 20cm and 24cm.
Three exterior colours are available: black, grey and white with matching interior colours: black, sand and white.

Dishes and grills are also available in three colours: black, grey/sand and white.

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