Cooking module Range

by Clifton Food Range

The cooking module made by British brand Clifton Food Range® fits in the livecookintable® cooking furniture. It is ideal for sous-vide and low-temperature cooking for front-of-house.

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Cooking module Range Specification

The cooking module for sous-vide cooking is designed to be easily slotted into a livecookintable® unit. It includes the Clifton Food Range® Portable Immersion Circulator (model FL4CA) that is fitted onto a 1/1 gastronorm tank 200mm deep plus lid. It creates a precise temperature controlled environment to 0.05°C.

The module is completed with a 2/3  gastronorm tank 150mm deep with an immersion grid to allow vac-packed bags to be opened and drained.

The Immersion Circulator includes an integrated timer, audio/visual notifications and will retain current temperature settings in memory even after ‘power off.’ The notification ‘FILL’ will indicate low level water.

This cooking module works perfectly with the livecookintable® cooking furniture.  Thanks to the Clifton cooking module, chefs can prepare food in advance cooked to the perfect temperature while keeping all their flavours and texture and then finish the cooking process with the livecookintable® system or directly serve food from the water bath.

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Cooking module Range Downloads

Clifton Food Range 2018 Product Brochure

The key product lines by Clifton Food Range (includes info on Immersion Circulator)


Clifton Food Range sous-vide cooking module flyer

Detailed information on the Clifton sous-vide cooking module (to be slotted into a livecookintable® cooking furniture unit)


Cooking module Range Media

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