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Integrated water baths Range

by Clifton Food Range

The integrated (drop in) sous-vide water baths are made by British brand Clifton Food Range®. They are ideal for sous vide and low-temperature cooking and are easily installed into your kitchen work surface.

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Integrated water baths Range Specification

The drop-in water baths for sous-vide cooking are designed to be easily installed into your kitchen work surface, therefore freeing counter top space. They can be integrated into a new or existing kitchen.

The integrated baths use the same high precision controller found on all Clifton Food Range® products, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency.

The actual temperature is clearly displayed on the control panel available for single or double tank combinations.

Made from high quality stainless steel, the drop-in water bath is also supplied with a removable stainless steel perforated shelf which provides even temperature distribution throughout the bath by convection.

A choice of 8-litre, 14-litre and 28-litre tanks are available and can be installed as single or double unstirred units, of any size and combination.

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