Single chamber water baths (stirred or unstirred) Range

by Clifton Food Range

The single chamber stirred and unstirred sous-vide water baths are made by British brand Clifton Food Range®. They are ideal for sous vide and low-temperature cooking.

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Single chamber water baths (stirred or unstirred) Range Specification

Clifton Food Range® sous vide baths includes a drain tap for quick and easy emptying for cleaning. Thanks to its high precision controller, users are guaranteed to have the exact temperature they need and are able to set a timer for best time management. A stainless steel lid (hinged for the stirred models) with an insulated handle is also included. The water bath is supplied with a removable stainless steel perforated shelf which provides effective distribution of heat uniformly throughout the chamber by convection.  

Made of stainless steel, the water baths are available in various capacities: 

  • Unstirred digital water baths: 4 litres, 8 litres, 14 litres, 28 litres or 56 litres.
  • Stirred digital water baths: 14 litres, 28 litres or 56 litres.

The smaller volume baths are popular with smaller professional kitchens. The bigger capacity baths are used to prepare larger quantities of food portions, for subsequent chilling and storage. 

 Reheating (regeneration) for service can also be done in the larger capacity baths or with a series of smaller baths placed in the relevant section. The 56-litre water bath is ideal for banqueting, outside catering and food processing companies.

An immersion grid is available for some models; it is used to keep food items which may tend to float immersed under water in the bath at all times. Ideal for long slow cooks. 

For space saving, a concertina lid is available for the 28 litre and 56 litre baths; its clever design means it can be pushed open to reveal the chamber and as the lid is attached to the bath, there is no need to find a place to put it when removed.

Choice between unstirred and stirred water baths

In an unstirred bath, (FL04D to FL56D series), the water is heated evenly throughout the chamber by convection. In a stirred bath, (FL414D, FL428D, FL456D) there is a heater/stirrer unit which sits at one end of a tank. This heats the water by means of an immersed heating element and stirs the water by way of a stainless steel propeller.  As in the unstirred bath, this method also results in an accurately controlled environment. 

Some chefs prefer unstirred water baths when cooking salmon, for example. In a stirred bath, the water movement can sometimes be enough to damage the delicate flesh of the fish. Also, unstirred water baths have more usable bath area. 

The immersion circulator controller in the stirred water baths can be rotated 360° to be viewed from any angle in kitchen.

The Clifton Food Range sous vide water baths are made in Britain. 

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