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by Clifton Food Range

The chefs tweezers we offer are made by British brand Clifton Food Range®. They are ideal for dressing plates with delicate ingredients.

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Tweezers Range Specification

Clifton Food Range® chefs tweezers are designed to aid the cooking and dressing of dishes, particularly with delicate ingredients (herbs, leaves…) for elegant and precise food presentation.

They can also help pastry chefs handling tempered chocolate without touching it with their warm hands or dealing with hot sugar work.  

Made of high-quality 18-8 stainless steel, the Micro Tweezers are available with fine or round tips, from 130mm to 160mm long. Tweezer Tongs (300 mm) and Sushi Tweezers are also available.

Tweezer Tongs aid the turning of food and are ideal for removing items from the vac-packing bags when cooking sous vide.

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