Carbone Plus Range

by De Buyer

Carbone Plus steel cookware is made by French manufacturer de Buyer. This range is recommended for sealing meat, roasting vegetables and grilling fish.

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Carbone Plus Range Specification

The heavy duty steel (2.5 to 3mm thick) of the Carbone Plus frypan range by de Buyer is a perfect heat conductor, ideal for sealing, frying and browning. Each pan will get natural anti-adhesive properties once seasoned.

The high flared and rounded shape enables the food to slide easily from the frying pan.

Steel handle with a classic 3-rivet design are for durability.  Option for stainless steel tube handle that does not get hot.

The range is available in many sizes (12 to 50 cm) and shapes and is suitable for all heat sources including induction.  Rectangular and oval fish frypans with handle lengthways or salamander version with handle on the short axis.

Oven cooking at 200ºC for up to 10 minutes or 280ºC with special handle.

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