Elastomoule Range

by De Buyer

The Elastomoule® range of silicone moulds is made by French manufacturer de Buyer. It is ideal for fast and homogeneous baking.

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Elastomoule Range Specification

The patented Elastomoule® moulds benefit from a unique material made of high-quality silicone foam and metal powder, which guarantees a heat distribution much faster than standard silicone moulds. This patented technology will allow a very consistent caramelisation all over the cakes for better taste. Each mould supports temperatures from -70°C to +300°C.

An impressive choice of sizes and shapes is available for enhanced creativity.

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de Buyer 2021 catalogue

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Elastomoule range

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De Buyer equips Claire Clark Academy

Published: 11/01/2017

Claire Clark approached de Buyer asking them to become the sponsor of Claire Clark Academy....

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