Le Tube Range

by De Buyer

Le Tube is made by French manufacturer de Buyer. It is recommended for effortless, consistent and repetitive preparation dosing.

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Le Tube Range Specification

‘Le Tube’ by de Buyer is a pressure pastry syringe which is a great alternative to the traditional pastry bag - offering effortless, clean and accurate results. 

It works perfectly with thick preparations (such as creams, thick mousses, choux pastry...), sweet or savoury. Consistent dosing is guaranteed with a graduation knob, accurately regulating the amount dispensed. The preparation flow is easily stopped between pressures. Preparations can be stored in advance in ‘Le Tube’s’ body so chefs and their team can manage their time efficiently. Several types of nozzles are also available. 

Recent accessories:

  • Supplied with special shortbread biscuits kit, composed of 2 plain lids, a special lid (disc holder) and 13 removable decor discs for making various and original shortbreads, and choux pastry.

  • Supplied with 2 nozzles: 1 smooth and 1 fluted. Compatible nozzles: de Buyer nozzles made of transparent TRITAN. Nozzles are interchangeable. 

De Buyer has also launched a 'Le Tube Pro' version, a special kit box aimed at professional chefs including:

  • the pressure syringe LE TUBE
  • 2 lids for the container
  • 4 extra containers 0.75 L.
  • 12 Tritan nozzles and 2 supple nozzle holders

The feedback from the Association of Pastry Chefs was positive; the APC recommends ‘Le Tube’ to professional pastry chefs: 

“I’ve been really impressed by how efficient and clean ‘Le Tube’ is to use. The dosing is very precise and easy to adjust on the fly. It’s so easy to use which puts you really in control. After getting the first one I’ve ordered more so the whole team can use them.”

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