Mandoline Revolution Range

by De Buyer

The all-in-one mandoline Revolution is made by French manufacturer de Buyer. It is ideal for slicing fruits and vegetables safely and efficiently in a professional kitchen.

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Mandoline Revolution Range Specification

Revolution is a true all-in-one mandoline as it offers a great variety of cuts: cubes, diamonds, julienne and waffle cuts, and plain or crinkle cuts. Depending on the model (Standard or Master), it also gives a choice of 3 or 6 Julienne blades: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 10 mm for different thicknesses, from fine to thick cuts. 

The latest feature is in the blade: it is double-sided with one serrated side to create waffle cuts and another micro-serrated side for cutting fruits and vegetables, even the softest ones.

De Buyer mandolines are perfect to avoid cuts in the kitchen thanks to the pusher, avoiding any direct contact with the blade when slicing, and the anti-slip silicone legs. 

The Revolution mandoline will save space due its folding system and built-in detachable Julienne blade box (Master model). 

It will suit either right-handed as well as left-handed chefs, meaning anyone in the kitchen can use the same mandoline.

Made from stainless steel.

A new accessory is now available: Gravity is a slicing kit (tubular slider & insert) that fits on the Revolution mandoline and helps slicing long vegetables and small ones. 

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