Spatulas Range

by De Buyer

All the spatulas we offer are made by French manufacturer de Buyer. 

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Spatulas Range Specification

De Buyer offers a wide range of spatulas from the soft rubber type to the resistant stainless steel ones:

  • The classic ‘Maryse’ spatula made of rubber, great for scooping and spreading. Good for cold working (maximum operating temperature: +100°C).
  • A one piece flexible spatula with nylon handle and silicone blade moulded together which is heat-resistant. Perfect for hot work (maximum operating temperature: +260°C).
  • White spatulas made of polyglass highly resistant to cracking and breaking; they can resist high temperatures (up to +220°C).
  • The FKOfficium range is made of high-quality stainless steel, which means all the spatulas are particularly robust. The blade is mirror polished, flexible and thinner at one end for easy and precise spreading.  

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de Buyer 2020 catalogue

de Buyer's complete range of cookware, food preparation equipment, salt & pepper mills, kitchen and pastry utensils.


Spatula range

Specific product info from de Buyer's 2020 catalogue


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The Langham chose de Buyer to equip its cookery school with cookware and utensils

Published: 02/21/2020

Chris King at The Langham chose de Buyer to equip its cookery school with cookware and utensils....

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