InductPlate® Range

by Gastros Switzerland

The InductPlate® is an inductive system by Gastros Switzerland heating up a stone surface to serve food warm.

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InductPlate® Range Specification

Using the 130+ element, the InductPlate® by Swiss company Gastros Switzerland is an inductive solution made for heating up a stone or artificial stone surface up to 90°C.

InductPlate by Gastros Switzerland

This innovative technology allows food to be displayed directly onto the stone surface and keep it warm (eg. pizza slices, pastries, etc..), therefore removing the need for induction-compatible dishes.

The induction technology saves up to 90% electrical energy, compare to existing warming plates.

The InductPlate® consists of a sandwich construction made of a 4mm glass-layer and a customised and sized stone/glass cover on top.

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