InductWarm 130 series Range

by Gastros Switzerland

The InductWarm® 130 series is a buffet induction hob by Gastros Switzerland. It is ideal for keeping food warm.

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InductWarm 130 series Range Specification

Swiss company Gastros Switzerland has developed a unique technology, InductWarm®, which allows users to select the right temperature for each dish. It accepts any induction-compatible presentation dish, including Gastros’ own InductWarm® porcelain range.

The InductWarm® 130 series induction hob is made of brushed stainless steel and allows you to present dishes in any induction-compatible dish up to a size of GN 2/3.

Using the InductWarm® front control panel or the optional infrared remote control, you can conveniently select one of four different temperature levels for each of the InductWarm® devices.

The InductWarm® 130 tabletop can be linked to a network via the InductWarm-BUS. With this option, you can control multiple devices with just one remote panel. It also has some integrated remote service functions for service purposes and device detects the input power from 110VAC to 230VAC automatically.

Thanks to its plug and play technology, it is easy to move around and very simple to set up, ideal for a quick service.

It’s a great alternative to steaming-hot chafing dishes and bulky induction hobs designed for kitchen use, with less energy consumption and very little maintenance.


  • Dimensions: 360 x 390 x 125 mm
  • Input voltage range: 230 V AC
  • 4 temperature levels (40°C - 90°C)

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