InductWarm Porcelain Range

by Gastros Switzerland

The InductWarm® porcelain range is available from Gastros Switzerland. It is ideal for keeping food warm in a stylish way.

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InductWarm Porcelain Range Specification

The InductWarm® porcelain range offers gastronorm porcelain dishes, available as GN 1/1, 1/2 or 1/3, and pots for sauces, perfectly adapted to work on Gastros buffet induction hobs.

To make this porcelain compatible with induction, a patented coating is applied on the underside of the bowls before adding a glaze and firing the dish in the oven for a second time. This process binds the porcelain and coating together permanently making it very hard and therefore shatter-proof, and dishwasher safe. The dishes will also retain heat very well. 

Stainless steel covers are also available.

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