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Be Safe! is a range of hygiene design solutions by MEC2, the company behind livecookintable.

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Be Safe! Range Specification

Be Safe! Range Specification

German company MEC2, that developed livecookintable, has researched, improved and increased its product range to answer the urgent needs of operators to offer a safer and cleaner environment to their guests.


To work in combination with livecookintable range, MEC2 launched a newly-designed ICE WELL to present food on crushed ice to guests. It includes accessories, for example glass display cases allowing customers to see the food available but letting the staff hand over the food in a safe manner. Alternatively, a protective sneeze glass – or buffet guard – against droplet spread can be attached for self service operations. 


When cooking front-of-house indoors with the livecookintable cooking furniture, operators use the system’s own Airwall. It cleans the air coming from its cooking devices from odours but also microbiological load, so that bacteria and viruses have no chance of survival in the ozone-enriched plasma of the Airwall.

It is also easily movable on its wheels or transported in its own cargo case.


All livecookintables can be delivered with the highest quality antibacterial materials available. 

MEC2 laminate, the leather collection and the consistent use of inert stainless steel eliminates sufficiently 99.6% of all bacteria and microbes in time (tested by international institutes).

Laminate Veneer with antibacterial surface, edge band with antimicrobial surfaces for buffet table tops, shelves and modules

Synthetic leather for buffet blinds and panels with an antibacterial and antimicrobial surface coating 

Stainless Steel in austenitic grades, such as 1.4301/AISI 304, is known to be ‘antibacterial’ and is used in hospitals, labs, commercial kitchens and buffet areas.  Alternative material, such as aluminium, do not offer the same antibacterial qualities.


The expanded range of sneeze guards, splash guards and buffet guards not only offer protection from the hot buffet but it can also protect from bacteria. The sneeze guard can be attached to the heating bridge. 

New refrigerated display cases are available to fit into livecookintable’s Multistation range for advanced safety and hygiene.

  •  Be Safe Sanitiser boards: the sanitiser boards offer a simple yet elegant hygiene station fitting any type of dispenser (automatic or manual), a drip tray, a board (labelling possible) and sturdy plinth. Various colour options are available to match the venue’s style. 


The existing mobile bar is now dual purpose as a mobile counter element to help setting fixed-service points at the buffet, enabling queuing while respecting social distancing rules. 

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