Baguette StoneWashed Range

by Pinti Inox

The Baguette StoneWashed cutlery range is made by Italian manufacturer Pinti Inox. 

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Baguette StoneWashed Range Specification

The Essentials Collection is a selection of 12 distinctive cutlery patterns showcasing classic and contemporary ranges designed and manufactured by Pinti Inox. 

The special manufacturing technique for stonewashing used by Pinti Inox for the Baguette StoneWashed range creates a specific vintage look and texture which is very important to the aesthetic of the StoneWashed cutlery.

Pinti Inox stonewashed cutlery is manufactured in Italy and knife blades are re-sharpened after stonewashing, which guarantees the high standards of the final product.

When looking for stone washed cutlery, thickness and the manufacturing process are important as it will dramatically affect the quality and longevity of the cutlery.  

Characteristics of the Baguette StoneWashed line:

  • made of 18/10 stainless steel 
  • 3 mm thick
  • Stonewashed (also available in mirror polished, PVD metal coloured finishes – see Treasure & Alchmique brochures)
  • Classic design

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Pinti Inox Essentials Collection brochure

Details on a range of 12 distinctive cutlery patterns


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