Compact Buffet Range

by Pinti Inox

Pinti Compact Buffet is designed and manufactured by Italian brand Pinti Inox. It is ideal for serving breakfast in hotels.

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Compact Buffet Range Specification

The Pinti Compact Buffet range has been specifically designed for breakfast and is made with strong material; the bases and frames are made of coated wood which are scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and stain-proof. 

Each item can be used at ambient temperature or chilled with special gel packs and can be used for different buffet items providing display flexibility. 

The Pinti Compact Buffet is great to optimise space as two of the trays can be slotted inside the main central tray once the breakfast service is over. 

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Pinti Inox Buffet Pinti Inox 2019

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