Chafing dish system Range

by Venta

The Chafing dish system is designed by Venta. It is ideal for restaurants and hotels in need of modern buffet display equipment to keep food warm.

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Chafing dish system Range Specification

The STAGE – CHAFING-DISH System by Venta are buffet tables with openings to allow chafing dish units to be fully integrated into the table surface.  Inlay panels for top surface also supplied.

Chafing dish system by Venta

Combination of two tables: STAGE_80_M_CHAFING-DISH_4 and STAGE_80_XS_CHAFING_DISH_2 with blinds

Venta recommends using SPRING or WMF units as it has designed a special magnetic holder to place the remote control directly under the table.


Aimed at hotels and restaurants in need of practical and flexible buffet display equipment


Option 1

 Latest plug and play inset induction technology present warm food in integrated chafing-dishes
Low-energy requirements: only needs 1KW 230V power supply

Option 2

 Electric heating element mounted under the chafing dish

• Dimensions: Six tables available in various sizes:

STAGE_80_M_CHAFING-DISH-4 / STAGE_80_M_CHAFING-DISH-3: 1800 x 800 x 840 mm  
STAGE_80_XS_CHAFING-DISH-2: 800 x 800 x 840 mm
STAGE_80_XS_CHAFING-DISH-1: 800 x 800 x 760 mm
STAGE_50_M_CHAFING-DISH-2: 1800 x 500 x 840 mm
STAGE_50_XS_CHAFING-DISH-1: 800 x 500 x 760 mm







• Weight:
STAGE_80_M: 44.5/46 kg / STAGE_80_XS: 27 kg
STAGE_50_M: 37 kg / STAGE_50_XS: 26 kg

• System suitable for chafing-dish units by SPRING or WMF


Space-saving system:

o Removable tabletops so the frame can be dismantled for storage
o Trolley available to carry up to 2 induction tables (various trolleys depending on the chafing dish table)
o Height adjustable


Contemporary design: can fit many different hotel or venue decors

• Extensive choice of colours and finishes available (download ventadesign-material-color-2020)

• Blinds are available (optional)

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