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Ice Teppan Range

by Venta

The Ice Teppan Stage table is designed by Venta and is ideal for front-of-house catering in hotels, restaurants or at events.

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Ice Teppan Range Specification


The Ice Teppan allows the creation of ice rolls for guests in a front-of-house set-up.


An ice plate is inserted inside a STAGE_50_XS or STAGE_50_S table (between the tabletop and the shelf) and creates a uniform temperature on the work surface of down to -35° C.


The dimensions of the ice plate are 331 x 531mm.

Energy requirements: 230 V - 50/60 Hz.

For the cooling mode, 750 watts are required.                


- Sleek design

- The Ice Teppan system can be in a standalone STAGE_50_XS_ICE_TEPPAN table (800 x 500mm) or in a longer table, the STAGE_50_S_ICE_TEPPAN (1600 x 500mm), with the option to have several gastronorm containers for ice dessert toppings in the second tabletop.

- Shelves and blinds are optional

STAGE_50_S_ICE_TEPPAN with blinds

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