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Ice Well Range

by Venta

The Ice Well by Venta is designed to cool down bottles, as part of Venta’s buffet system.

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Ice Well Range Specification

The ICE WELL by Venta is designed for cooling bottles. The entire well (20cm deep) can be filled with ice. It is equipped with a drainage tap and therefore offers the possibility to drain its entire contents (melted ice = water) after use.

A bucket can be placed under the table when the shutoff valve gets opened. In addition, a 1/1 GN pan can be used in the ice well, facilitating the removal of the not-yet-melted ice.

The ice well is available in two sizes (80 x 80 cm and 50 x 80 cm) for a buffet depth of 80 cm.

The well can be closed with the supplied insert plates (two pieces each) so that the table top can be used as a shelf.

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Ice Well

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