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We offer a wide range of back-of-house and front-of-house premium products. To easily find what you are looking, feel free to use the filter to search by brand, category or product type.

Compact Buffet

Pinti Compact Buffet is designed and manufactured by Italian brand Pinti Inox. It is ideal for serving breakfast in hot

Compact Water Baths

The compact sous-vide water baths are made by Clifton Food Range®. Ideal for sous vide and low-temperature cooking.

Cooking Equipment

The modular cooking system by livecookintable® offers a choice of cooking equipment.

Cooking module

The cooking module made by British brand Clifton Food Range® fits in the livecookintable® cooking furniture.

Cool + Hot Table

The cool + hot table is designed by Venta. It is ideal to keep food hot or cold on a buffet display.


The ‘Universal Core Concept’ is made by French manufacturer de Buyer. It is ideal for coring fruits and vegetables.


This range of cast-iron dishes is made by French manufacturer Chasseur.


The Duobaths by Clifton Food Range are ideal for sous vide and low-temperature cooking using each chamber simultaneously


The Excelsior is a range of mirror polished cutlery made by Italian manufacturer Pinti Inox.

FK2 Professional knives

The FK2 professional knives by French brand de Buyer are ideal for chefs looking for durable and comfortable knives.


The salt and pepper mill model Flamenco is made with wood and acrylic by French manufacturer Marlux.

Force Blue

Force Blue steel cookware is made by French manufacturer de Buyer. This range is recommended for sealing meat, roasting