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We offer a wide range of back-of-house and front-of-house premium products. To easily find what you are looking, feel free to use the filter to search by brand, category or product type.


All bowls we offer are made by French manufacturer de Buyer. Ideal for food preparation for safe and hygienic use in pro


The Bramante cutlery range is made by Italian manufacturer Pinti Inox.

Buffet accessories

Venta offers a choice of additional equipment for practical or aesthetic purposes.

Buffet Blinds

Buffet blinds can be added to any system sets by livecookintable®. They are ideal for hiding service and ancillary equip

Buffet Equipment

livecookintable® offers a variety of additional equipment to display or keep food warm during a buffet service.

Buffet Line

Pinti Buffet is designed and manufactured by Pinti Inox. It is ideal for caterers and hotels to present food.

Carronde cocottes

The range of cast-iron carronde cocottes is made by French manufacturer Chasseur.

Choc 5

Choc 5 benefits from a grooved base for great heat spreading and cooking. It works on all heat sources except induction.

Choc Extreme

Choc Extreme non-stick buffetware is made by French manufacturer de Buyer. It is ideal for cooking or keeping food warm.

Choc Resto Induction

Choc Resto Induction is the non-stick frypan range for induction, thanks to its strong magnetic base.

Chocolate Work

French manufacturer de Buyer has developed a selection of utensils dedicated to chocolate work.

Compact Buffet

Pinti Compact Buffet is designed and manufactured by Italian brand Pinti Inox. It is ideal for serving breakfast in hot